Version 1.3.1

NOTE: Apparently this version causes a lot of errors with other plugins. So I changed the stable version back to 1.3. I haven’t experienced any problems with it myself though, so if you want you can download version 1.3.1 from the SVN repository.

Hello again, it’s been a couple of weeks, so this next update is pretty huge. There are a bunch of new features, and also the internal workings of RGG have changes significantly. Please let me know if anything isn’t working as expected, because I haven’t found the time to test everything yet.


  • Changed character encoding for captions, to include special characters. With thanks to Niko.
  • The last row of the gallery is now always equal to the height of the previous row. This will generate prettier results if you use images with the same dimensions, like logo’s. Thanks to Brett for pushing me a bit on this one.
  • New parameter, orderby. Allows you to order images by title, publish date, or even randomly.
  • More new parameters added: order, id, size, include, exclude.
  • The image_size parameter is deprecated. It will still work, but it’s better to use size instead.
  • Some bug fixes