Version 1.3.2

Okay. It’s been a long time. Sorry for that. But I needed to do some work that actually makes money cause I was getting pretty poor. Now that that’s done I can spend some time on this plugin again. I figured out what was causing the plugin to not work in IE8 (used an unsupported javascript function) and I also figured out what was causing the errors in 1.3.1 (Forgot to take out some debugging code.)

So in short: there are no new features since version 1.3.1. Only bug fixes. But since almost nobody could use version 1.3.1 Here’s a list of those features again:

  • Changed character encoding for captions, to include special characters. With thanks to Niko.
  • The last row of the gallery is now always equal to the height of the previous row. This will generate prettier results if you use images with the same dimensions, like logo’s. Thanks to Brett for pushing me a bit on this one.
  • New parameter, orderby. Allows you to order images by title, publish date, or even randomly.
  • More new parameters added: order, id, size, include, exclude.
  • The image_size parameter is deprecated. It will still work, but it’s better to use size instead.